Case Study


Retain.Me used Green Shell Media to give them a complete digital overhaul, just in time for them signing their biggest ever contract.

Who? are a startup comapany that needed Green Shell Media's help to completely overhaul their digital presence.

After just forming a partnership with their biggest ever client (Harrods), the company were concerned that their online persona was too technical and lacked the aesthetic that their customers would require to help enforce their existing physical sales techniques.


As part of a bigger conglomerate, the logo for was already set in stone. However with guidance, Green Shell Media toned down the reds to a more flat design friendly colour, helping counter the 'harshness' and negative aspects that overuse of red tends to give.

Old colour - #ff3333

New colour - #bf4c5b

Retain.Me's physical products allows companies to use their existing branding and own wording to push marketing material inside a delivery package. The genius behind Retain.Me's solution is that the marketing is packed with a returns note and reciept. Meaning that the customer needs to keep the marketing for as long as a returns note is needed (usually 1 month). Meaning that the material isn't discarded instantly upon delivery.


To enforce the idea that Retain.Me can work with any companies branding, Green Shell Media came up with a colour scheme that reflected this, using a multitude of primary and secondary colours. As opposed to shades of one primary colour. This decision resulted in a beautiful web front end that allows potential customers to instantly see what Retain.Me can do for them.

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